Countless trails and paths cover the karstic landscape of one of the most beautiful sceneries of China. It is an excellent way, either by mountain bike or with an electric scooter, to go deep into the countryside and feel the real atmosphere of rural China. From Yangshuo you can take a small road and paths to the Yu Long River and make your way through small Chinese villages, and then enjoy your way back on a bamboo boat. A great way to do natural sightseeing and to have a glance at Chinese farmers' life (harvesting the rice, ploughing with the buffalo...)


Other places  worth visiting are such as: Moon hill, Fuli’s market, Banian tree, Dragon cave, Liugong three color ponds…

You can either rent a bicycle, mountain bike, tandem or an electric scooter directly from the store around 5 minutes walk from Rosewood Hotel. For further details, please ask our front desk staff.

Price for renting bike and electronic scooter :
From RMB 15/day